All about cruises

Hello and welcome to – we love cruising and want to share it all with you!

Are you a seasoned cruiser who is looking for a little inspiration? Look no further, we can help. Perhaps you have never considered a river cruise? A way to go through many towns and cities and see all that there is to offer, without having to go out on the open seas. River cruising is much more intimate, perfect for those who are put off by huge ocean going liners who are filled with thousands of travellers all wanting to visit the same ports as you.

Or maybe you love life on the ocean wave, the huge cruise ships with all the activities and amenities on offer. A giant floating hotel with its own stores and a range of different restaurants. Then there is also being able to get dressed up on an evening in fancy outfits for dinner with the captain, evening entertainment in the form of world class bands, theatre shows and maybe even magic.

Work out what you want from your cruise holiday to choose which option is the best for you.

Maybe you have booked your cruise but you need advice on packing or even how to arrange your activities. We have a few little hints and tips that you might find useful, including ideas about what you don’t need to pack. Leaving a few things behind saves weight and space in the luggage which means you are making more room for all the gifts and souvenirs you want to bring back!