Cruise activity ideas

If you are enjoying a cruise you are going to want to plan a few activities for the time you are sailing. All cruises have some form of evening entertainment for guests to enjoy, whether it is a singer, a magic act or maybe a comedian, there will be at least a couple of hours each night where organised activities can take your mind off your travels.

If you want something a bit different then you can always take your own entertainment, for example, if you and your travel companion love playing cards, take a deck with you, you don’t have to sit in your cabin to play, you can sit in the bar or even out on one of the decks if the weather and sailing conditions are suitable, after all, you don’t want to be hitting a big wave and watch your cards fly away.

Most of the larger cruise ships have a pool and so during the day swimming is a great way to pass a few hours and get some low impact exercise too. if you are docked then, of course, a visit to the town you are at is a must, what other reason is there to cruise if not to see a lot of different places all in one holiday. Depending on your cruise ship you may be able to take dance lessons, place a few bets in the on-ship casino or just sit on your balcony with a cocktail or two.

Check out the activities available before booking, so you can choose your cruise ship wisely. You may not realise it but you can play miniature golf and basketball on some ships – so if shuffleboard is not your thing, at least you have other options. If you are spending a lot of time at sea then you need to make sure there is enough to keep you occupied.