River Cruises

If cruising on the oceans is not for you but you still want to take a waterways holiday, then consider a river cruise. You can see some of the best sights the cities of Europe and beyond have to offer from the comfort of a river boat.

Some of the more popular river cruises are the Danube and the Nile. If you take a Nile cruise you can stop off and see the sights such as the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings, the final resting place of some of Egypt’s past rulers. The Danube cruise traverses through many countries such as Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Romania.

As you will be on a river boat the facilities and activities will not be as great as when on a large cruise ship, but the cabins are still comfortable, and the activities will include things like wine tasting and local musicians. Entertainment will vary depending on boat and cruise itinerary.

As the boasts are small it will give you a chance to get to know the other passengers better, it makes for a cosier environment the chance to meet some like minded people who could become life long friends. If you love all the history of Europe entwined with Gothic architecture then river cruises are for you.

River cruising isn’t just for Europe though, you can cruise the waterways of China, Vietnam and South Africa, actually almost anywhere you can think of you can take a cruise. Not all river cruises are overnight stays on the boats, but the hotel options are top notch. Those that do have cabins, suites or staterooms for overnight stays are of great quality, and not basic at all – some have luxury fixtures and fittings, enough to add a little extra class to your trip.