Try a mini cruise

If you are considering taking a cruise holiday but have never been on one before, therefore you have no idea what to expect, then why not take a mini cruise in a smaller ship, just to get a taste of life on board.

Some of the larger cruise liners hold 4-6000 guests, that might be a little daunting for some. This can also be what puts many people off cruising. So go on a smaller cruise, maybe a river cruise or one that covers areas not to far from your location, for example, if you are in the UK, consider a trip to the Norwegian Fjords. It is just a few nights on board, ships are smaller and if you don’t like it and have decided cruising is not for you then you are going home very soon.

Most people who try cruising love it, it becomes their favourite way to holiday. After all, what is not to like about visiting so many places with ease. You go to sleep in one place, wake up in another. Every day is a new adventure. Your days are your own, you can relax and unwind or get active in the pool. Some cruises have climbing walls for the more adventurous, some have a spa so you can get pampered too.

Mini cruises may not have the same facilities or amount of activities as one of the larger cruise ships but you will get a good feel for what to expect from a cruise. So choose one that lasts just 3-4 nights and one that visits and area you think will interest you, you will soon be hooked.

Do not be surprised if you find yourself coming home and booking a fortnight cruise around the Caribbean because you are sure to love it that much.